Illumi-Grille Emergency & Police LED Grill Lights

Emergency and command vehicles need to be seen and heard whenever they’re on route to, or on the scene of, an accident. Rockland’s revolutionary Illumi-Grille provides law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency responders with a bright and fully functional lighting accessory that delivers full intersection coverage and dramatically increases their vehicle’s visibility in any environment.

Our Illumi-grilles are designed and manufactured to be installed seamlessly on the grille of most emergency and support vehicles, including the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe and Suburban and 2016+ Ford Interceptor Utility. And, because the Illumi-Grille is laser measured, installation is easy and a clean OEM fit is guaranteed.

Rockland’s Illumi-Grille is a durable one-piece construction that includes space for four LED flashers (sold separately) that are capable of scene and flood lighting combined with Wig-Wag flashing. You can choose from Whelen ION and/or ION V-Series lights, Federal Signal MicroPulse A-Series, or SoundOff Signal mpower Fascia 6 LED lights. The assembly can also fit two Whelen Pioneer Nano scene lights (sold separately).

Contact Rockland Custom Products today to learn more about our state-of-the-art Illumi-Grille for your emergency grille lights or to request a quote.

Illumi Grille

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